Jammed v.s. Body odors

I love driving.

I love the sensation of the engine torque pulling my body behind as I put the pedal to the metal. I love the way g-force throws my body sideways and tires screeching as I enter a corner in the swiftest way possible. I love driving calmly, doing 80kph while listening to Groove Armada. But I don’t do that no more.

Why? Because I live in Jakarta.

I will not solely blame the city being too jammed & causing discomforts to my driving.

I will not blame the lousy infrastructures that made the roads flooded in the slightest rain.

I refuse to blame our mustached governor too, eventhough his mustache does look conspicuous.

I blame every person who’s just like me. Ones who loves driving.

It’s hard to let go, especially if you love doing it. As I use public transport to my office each day, I miss driving very much. But I had to. Because everyone else loves driving too.

They love how their personal space travels in comfort, smells nice (Especially compared to our pathetic death box called public transportation), which made cars fills the entire Jakarta road on prime time, making it more jammed than the highway to hell.

I don’t want to experience traffic jam. I want to keep my memory of driving as a fun activity. I want to keep the smile my car made as it revs to 5000 rpm and lets out some music to my ear.

To do that, I want a non-jammed road. Until the time comes, I’ll train myself not to care about body odors & use the bus.


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