MIUI 7 for the Xiaomi Mi4i is here!

While the Xiaomi Mi4i remains one of my favourite Android phone to use on a daily basis, it feels that it should have a smoother performance after days without restarting. The Redmi 2 Prime that I use feels smoother on a day to day usage even though the screen feels smaller and less sharper. I’m glad that i’m not alone that shares that sentiment since Xiaomi finally published an update for its OS, the MIUI 7!

The MIUI 7

I’ve been using them for several days. On an interface degree, minor changes has changed. You have more themes and subtle changes on more wallpapers, the drop down notifications or toggle information (you can see the full changes that MIUI 7 brings in here).

Beyond that, the changes that I welcome most is the performance part. It simply feels smoother. You don’t sense those minor lags during scrolling between home screens, and it definitely feels smoother in switching between apps or scrolling within them. On battery life, I personally don’t experience any difference compared to MIUI 6’s, which is a highly acceptable one.

The new toggle look. Way clearer.
The new built-in themes available. Personally i’d stick to the default only.

If you have the Mi4i, head on to your updater app to check for updates and download them. I used a more candid method though by downloading them directly in here and porting it manually (instructions in here). Do update it as soon as possible, cause it’s worth the performance upgrade alone.


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