Shot with the Leica M240

Had the opportunity to try my dream camera, the Leica M240, for awhile. 
Despite the minor adjustments, rangefinder turns out provides a wonderful shooting experience that once accustomed to it, it’s a downhill ride afterwards. The solid build quality, that compact yet magnificent lens, and the way the shutter button feels when you press it. 

One thing that’s hard for me to get accustomed to is the speed, which definitely is lacking compared to modern day DSLRs. You need to be patient and take your time while it processes the image, which I find it hard to do. But if you do, the end results are simply breathtaking, especially in terms of details and color tone, making this camera in my bucket list of wonderful (and extravagant) things to own if I ever have the money to do it. 

Thank you Ernanda Putra for letting me play with it!



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