In Defense Of 2016


As I’m sitting at home, planning what mischievous activity shall I do to welcome 2017, it left me with a deep thought about 2016. It’s not a secret that for many, 2016 wasn’t a kind year.

Idols were lost. Faith were disrupted, unity was tested, common sense was distorted, and Toyota Sienta was launched. It’s a year where we realized that the world we’re living in and the people who we thought we know, isn’t a perfect one after all. A villainy year that crushes dreams and kill everything happy in its path.

Regardless, I would like to step in and offer a perspective that 2016 is a necessary year for all of us.

Here’s the thing. I believe that changes won’t come without a painful tension. Growing pains. And 2016 played a really great role in being the necessary evil that acts as our wake up call to change.

Here are several points that 2016 teaches us, albeit harshly.

  1. Make the most of your life.

I know it sounds cheesier than a Richeese Factory, but hear me out. 2016 left us with so many great & talented people taken away from us. Even without mentioning the likes of Bowie, Rickman or Fisher, 2016 took someone close to me. A best friend since high school who designed & built the house that i’m currently leaving in.

It hits me hard, but it also teaches me that life is short, and you have to make the most of it. Many of those who left us this year are the people who contributed greatly for the world. But they left us while making a victory pose since they’ve done their part in making this world a better & greater place. They gave us Major Tom, the best bathroom song ever, & Princess Leia. They left a heritage that forever changed the world (and where I literally live in).

It made me envious of their achievement, and left me with a wish to live a more meaningful life, that actually creates a tangible positive impact to this world, and to live my life everyday like it’s my last one. It left me with a promise to not live a life that I will regret someday.

2. If you don’t stand for what you believe in, someone else will.

One thing that also shocks the world was the Trumping victory (I’m sorry, I have to) of Donald Trump. And one of the causes of his victory was due to the high number of potential voters who decided not to go to the election post & casts their vote. They chose to not act, and now they have Donald Trump as their president. Regardless how America is a 20 hours flight away, what happened there reflects the same with what can happen in Indonesia.

The magic of internet allows like-minded people to find each other and voice a unified message. Unfortunately, it also applies for those who are dissatisfied with this better Indonesia. What makes matters worse, their numbers seems greater than the ones who does believe in good governance & unity.

I do have faith that those who believe in greater good still has the highest number, but it just doesn’t show. Too many of us, sensible middle class, are busy with our work, doing business, making ends meet or just planning for the next Coldplay concert. We need to get off our Herman Miller chair and start making things happen. Go to the streets, join a positive cause, or simply flag hoax news that you’ve found in Facebook. The time calls for the good guys to act before it’s too late.

3. Hope is all but lost.

Despite how grim this year is, even for Apple, good news with a promising potential are always there. I’ve seen people who are having difficulties conceiving finally  experiencing their childbirth, people around me who decided to not give up during hardship despite the enormous pressure, and even a turning point for a tech company who’s known to be humdrum. Hope is not lost, and it’s given to those who refuses to stop trying, and continue to fight.

Change has never been a comfortable thing, and 2016 plays a great role as a distressing agent-of-change that made me realize these lessons. Thank you for being that bitter coffee that made us fully awaken.

Hopefully we’re gradually ready for 2017 (who I think holds more surprises than its predecessor) and no matter what, I wish us a great year ahead, because we will make it a great one with our own hand. Peace.


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