The Oppo F1s Raisa Edition Is Here, And It’s More Than What It Seems.

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In some ways, being a gadget reviewer is not a hard job. We review gadgets objectively, based on the features, specification and performance. If the device performs well according to its spec and price, it earns our praise and recommendations, and when a device under-deliver what it promises to be, we feel the need to lift our forks and casts the first stones.

That’s why when Oppo launched their F1s Raisa Black (or was it Black Raisa?) Edition, I cringed. Not only was it basically a pitch-black version of their popular F1s, which let’s face it, doesn’t have that salivate-inducing sexy spec nor brand for us enthusiasts, it also bears the signature of a newcomer artist who in my not-so-humble opinion, haven’t really deserve to have her signature etched in limited edition gadgets. It’s too easy to scoff at this venture.

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From Raisa With Love
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Inside, it’s the familiar F1s with Oppo’s custom operating system which surprisingly is very user friendly.

But then I heard the presentation from the lovely Miss Alinna Wenxin and also see Raisa’s live performance, which made me realized three surprising (at least for me) insights:

  1. The Oppo F1s is proven to be a great mid-range device. Couple of points that supports that statement: First, it has a satisfaction rate of 98.7% – according to SWA Magazine – and second, Oppo is the second highest selling manufacturer in Indonesia, right below Samsung. This is not an easy feat, knowing the number of smartphone players available in Indonesia. Great hardware holds no guarantee. Just ask OnePlus.

    98.7% satisfaction rate. I’m pessimistic anyone will receive this excellent rate even from their spouses.
  2. Oppo knows their stuff. By positioning the F1s as the ‘Ultimate Selfie Expert’, it has successfully position itself as the king of selfie phones. Again, as a gadget enthusiast who subjectively prefer to shoot anything other than my unphotogenic face, this is something to belittle about. However, as it turns out, i’m a minority. More and more people adopts the habit of taking selfies, and realize just how Oppo can improve their lives by providing a great 16 megapixel front camera with great beautification enhancements software. Oppo sees that and strike a home run with the F1s. Its market share is a concrete evidence of their successful creation.

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    If one has a penchant for selfies, can he/she be called as a selfiesh person?
  3. Raisa & Oppo is a great match, since they’re both a very hard-working brand. Having heard Raisa singing, I knew that she’s talented. But as I see her performing in front of me, and taking her precious time to engage with her loyal fans, it came to my realization that polishing those talent and convert it to stardom requires an undeniable hard effort, which most people (including me) tend to overlook. Talent or inherent trait will get you noticed, but dedication and hard work will get you places and sustain you there. Raisa shares the same story with Oppo. They’re a newcomer in a heavily saturated market who’s able to fight their way to the top, using hard work and dedication.

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    Raisa’s squad of loyal fanbase.

It’s very easy to judge a product or anyone based on the surface, but take some time to understand them and read between the lines. You’ll find a deeper lesson that goes beyond spec sheets or album covers. Congrats for the launch, Oppo & Raisa. Stay exemplary!

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Thank you Oppo for inviting me, and providing me an awesome tumbler which I’m currently having my coffee with.

It’s Worth It

It's Worth It.

Throughout life, I’ve stumbled upon stuffs which it’s quality mirror their price tag. For instance, iPhone, MacBook Air or any other Apple products. The quality of the product is the same as the price you pay. It has great built, works flawlessly, long lasting and a joyful experience to have. You get exactly what you paid for.

In other times, there are objects that deemed to be overpriced when compared to the quality or experience that you get. For instance: Coffee Rub burgers, Toyota Fortuner and Indonesian tax.

This post is a share of objects (well, more like stuffs or gadgets) that surprises me with their quality beyond the price that I paid.

Starting from the number one: Klipsch S4 in-ear headphones.
I paid around Rp 900K for this piece, which seems to be a lot of money for what looks like an in-ear headphones with a nice metal case. But as it turns out, the sound quality it churns is amazing! The bass lines are there without overpowering as Beats’s and also produces nice mid & high range frequency.

Number two – Jawbone’s Jambox.
This 2 million Rupiah Bluetooth portable speaker is one of my arsenal to bring during presentations. Simply paired it with my MacBook and I have my presentation video sounding like what they meant to be. The sound quality is decent for its size, and the bass! Oh the bass… Also, the battery life is simply stellar. My minor complaint is regarding the Bluetooth connectivity with Macs. It frequently fails and made me turn off my Mac’s Bluetooth switch to get it connected again. I suspect the culprit is the Mac OS, since it work flawlessly with my Nexus 4 & iPhone/iPad.

Number 3 – Philips Aquatouch ATH-750 electric shaver.
I got this product for 500K, and it has been in my possession for around 2 years. It offers practical shaving for dry & wet condition flawlessly. The razor is great & shaves faster then any regular shaver, and to my surprise, it shaves off quite clean (well, for an electric shaver type. Don’t compared it to traditional razor blade for precision). The battery life is also excellent. The first months i was only getting a week out of it, but over time, i manage to squeeze around 2-3 weeks between charges.

Number 4 – LG Nexus 4 smartphone.
Now, don’t get me wrong. it has its faults. The camera is quite rubbish, especially on low lights, and the glass material they use for the back part is unlaminated, therefore scratches easily and some say it’s quite brittle (luckily i haven’t broke mine after many drops without any case). But for 4 million Rupiah, this thing offers an Android experience that works flawlessly, unlike the much-pricier Samsung Galaxy S3 that I’ve used. It just works. And trust me, coming from a dude who likes iOS products, it’s a high praise.

Number 5 – Seiko SKX007 mechanical diver watch.
I’ve always been a fan of mechanical diver watches. The combination of complex mechanical underneath that robust construction truly fascinates me. While my grail watches are Swiss made and costs car-like, this watch isn’t. I bought this watch a couple of years ago for around 2 million Rupiah, and if you know your watches, Its Swiss-made counterparts are at least priced twice that amount. It’s not a perfect thing though. The glass isn’t made from the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and the standard bracelet that comes with it is quiet flimsy. But for a mechanical watch that’s ISO certified for 200 meters diving with reputation coming from a Vietnam war era heritage, that’s a real bargain.

So yeah, those are the stuffs that I (so far) found to be worthy in comparison for their price and quality. Hit the comments to share yours!