The Redmi 2 Prime is here!

There’s something joyful about having your online shopping merchandise delivered and opening them. Especially when it’s the latest gadget that you can’t wait to play around with. In my case, it happens to be the Xiaomi Redmi Prime 2 that will have a flash sale exclusive in Lazada, this Monday. I’m lucky enough to have the device before being sold tomorrow, and this is a quick unboxing of it.

The usual recycled paper box of Xiaomi phones.
The usual recycled paper box of Xiaomi phones.
I think this box is better than the Mi4i’s, since it’s smaller and has no excess space.
The usual papers, which i don’t think anyone will read.
What’s in the box: Phone, battery, charger & USB cable. No earphones included.
It looks just like the Redmi 2 Nothing’s change, but it’s the internal that matters. 2GB of RAM & 16 gigs of internal storage.
I love this dark grey case. Better than your usual Xiaomi white, although the texture feels a bit slippery.
2,200 mAh battery. Nothing’s change from the previous model.
That’s it! Will be using this as my daily driver and see how it goes.